What We Believe

Newtown Mission is a congregation of the Uniting Church in Australia, so our key beliefs are reflected in the Uniting Church’s Basis of Union (click here to check it out).

But what does Newtown Mission emphasise?

  • We’re centred on God .. Father, Son and Spirit;
  • We’re centred on Jesus as God’s unique way of making the world right, achieved through his death and physical resurrection;
  • We’re centred on the Spirit as the presence of God in the church, living in each person who accepts the relationship with God that is offered through Jesus;
  • We’re centred on being a missional people, because we reckon that God’s dream for a changed world is so good that it’s worth sharing. That dream includes the invitation for each of us to know God and be changed from the inside, as well the big picture stuff like justice, peace, healing and holiness in the world.

Our core values are …
OUR FOUNDATION IS THE WORD OF GOD We value the Scriptures as the authoritative Word of God, where we meet Jesus, the Living Word. The Scripture is the definitive revelation of God, where we find His guidance as to how we should live and where we test the manifestations of the Holy Spirit, who makes the living Word real to us.

WE VALUE WORSHIP Worship is intimacy with God our Father, made possible through Jesus’ death and the Holy Spirit who brings us into communion with Him. Worship is to love God with all our heart, soul and strength, through praise and adoration, through obedience to His Word and through serving Him with our whole lives.

WE VALUE PRAYER Prayer, the vital force of our faith, is the communication of the child with the Heavenly Father, the disciple with the master, and the Church her Lord. Prayer asks God, seeks understanding of His will, listens, responds, and utterly depends on Him in all things. It is to live in communion with God as Jesus did.

WE VALUE THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT The Holy Spirit is God’s gift to the Church to make known His love for the world through Jesus death. This gospel can only be believed and His Kingdom seen as the Holy Spirit reveals it. Thus we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit to boldly give witness and to exercise His spiritual gifts to build up one another.

WE VALUE FELLOWSHIP Fellowship is obeying Jesus’ command to love one another. It is to celebrate the unity we have in being saved by the one Lord, filled by the one Spirit and equally loved by our one Father. It is to enjoy our communion with God, to grow in communion with each other & serve Him and each other.

WE VALUE EVANGELISM Evangelism is to obey Jesus’ commission to go into all the world to make disciples. It is to respond to God’s love in our hearts, compelling us to proclaim Jesus death and resurrection, and the free gift of eternal life. It is to make a friend, be a friend and be used by God to bring that friend to their place in God’s kingdom. Evangelism is not to condemn those in the world but to proclaim and demonstrate God’s love to them that they might believe.