Who are we?
Newtown Mission is a group of people from diverse social and ethnic backgrounds and various ages.

Our community is relaxed, informal and held together by our desire to know God more deeply. We are passionate about following Jesus, living alongside the vulnerable and sharing God’s good news story, being part of changing the world!

We are a congregation of the Uniting Church of Australia.

Our Vision Statement
Newtown Mission seeks to be: an open community committed to passionate worship of Jesus Christ, with sound biblical teaching and the transformation of lives through outreach, discipleship and compassionate care, empowered by the Holy Spirit. Click here for more info on ‘what we believe’.

What do we do
We’re called a ‘Mission’ because our identity is all about God’s call to us to be part of changing the world! If you become part of Newtown Mission you’ll find yourself challenged to live life with others, for others.
That happens in our everyday life, and also in activities done through the church – in Newtown there’s the Community Care Centre, Revelation Ceiling and Alpha; in Annandale the Creative Arts Centre has a special focus on the Arts community.

Alongside these activities there’s a commitment to the wider world. Newtown Mission directly supports more than 20 workers around the world, all of whom were at one time part of the church!

Getting together with God and each other is a big part of Newtown Mission life.

Newtown Mission God-Gatherings are generally informal, and usually involves a time of singing and reflection, open sharing time, and teaching from the Bible. God-Gatherings are usually followed by morning tea/supper, with some of Newtown’s finest instant coffee on offer!

Full details and times are available on the Worship page, here.