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Journeys with Joseph

He was made famous by the ‘Technicolour Dreamcoat’ musical, but what can we discover about how to follow Jesus from the story of Joseph?

It’s an amazing story of how God keeps working in the life of Joseph and his family, a bunch of dysfunctional  human beings whose flaws are very evident!

October 14    The Family Tree

October 21 Dream on (Genesis 37:1-11)

October 28 Slavery is the pits (Gen 37:11-36)

November 4 Faith leads to prison (Gen 39:1-23)

November 11 From rags to riches

Children, Jesus & Newtown Mission

One of the pictures I remember fondly from my childhood was from my father’s study. It was a picture of Jesus (admittedly a blond-haired blue eyed version J) sitting with a child on his lap, with other children sitting & standing around him. I loved the idea of Jesus welcoming the children and of being loved by Jesus. The image is from Matthew 19 v 14, where Jesus says ‘let the little children come to me, for to such is the kingdom of heaven.’

Unusually for the times, Jesus valued the kids and held them up as examples of faith.

That’s just one of the reasons why it’s important for us to be a church that’s welcoming & safe for children. We also want people with kids to be able to participate in church & know that their children are also in a place that’s fun and where they can grow in faith. I love it too that having kids around helps us adults to relax and laugh and have an excuse to be ‘childlike’ in the best sense of that word.

So we’re rebooting our Sunday morning kids’ program, starting today. We’ll have a ‘kids’ spot’ in the Gathering, then there’ll be a program for school aged kids. For the rest of this year we’ll do this fortnightly (Oct 28, Nov 11 etc.), with the children having the chance to share some time with the adults but also have their own learning space. If you’d like to help please speak to Graeme – you’ll need a Working with Children Clearance & to do some Safe Church training.                                   GT


Important Update – Your donations to the Community Care Centre

Dear Donors and Supporters

We thank you for your generosity and support towards the work of the Community Care Centre at Newtown Mission.

This is an important notice to inform you that your gifts towards the Community Care Centre will not be tax-deductible after 30 June 2017. We will not be able to provide you with a receipt for tax-deductible purpose for all donations received after 30 June 2017.

Why this change? It was a decision of the Newtown Mission Church Council to not continue with the tax deductible status. The reason is that the new government regulations would have required a separate Board of governance to oversee the tax deductible fund and the work of the Community Care Centre that the fund supports. The church leadership felt that this sort of governance change created the potential for a breaking of the link between the church’s mission and the work of the Centre, so has chosen to forego the tax deductible fund instead of adopting a new governance structure.

The operation and management of all gifts toward the Community Care Centre remains the same, with our stated objectives to provide support for the needy and the poor in the context of God’s love for all people. Your support is still very vital to us to continue. We hope this does not change your giving.

please contact the office on 02 9519 9000 or office@newtownmission.org.au if you have further queries. You can still  continue to donate using the DONATE button (on the left). Thank you