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Sunday 26 August




A day for Newtown Mission to come together for being built up … through time with God, time with each other, fun and teaching.


There’ll be no regular Gatherings that day. Instead we’ll have time to eat together and for worship and workshops. There’ll be a mix of Bible input, skills training and activities …


Some of the choices available will be:

Drumming workshop for worship & fun

Food & Faith, then cooking lunch

Pilates activity session

Learning to sing in Tongan choir style

Prophecy, theory and practice

Compassion ministry—principles and practice

Bible 101 – what is the canon, books, languages, principles










Celebrating NAIDOC Week at Newtown Mission!

Special Guest: Brooke Prentis

Sunday July 8, 9:30 and 5pm gatherings at Newtown Mission

Going Deeper

Brunch with Brooke Prentis exploring issues facing Aboriginal Australia and how we can be part of a better future

Saturday, July 7, 10:30am at the Powell-Thomas’s in Petersham

Grasstree Exhibition
Sun July 8 & 15 9:30am- 8pm
Sat July 14 11am- 5pm

Artworks created during The 2018 Grasstree Gathering  by Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander leaders from across Australia

Can you help out?
Wed July 4, exhibition set up 6pm onwards
Hosting open sessions July 8, 14, 15
Sun July 15 pack down 8pm onwards
Let Helen know or email anncreative@gmail.com


A message from our new Compassion/Community Pastor for 2018

Hi all,

I just wanted to introduce myself and say g’day. My name is Sam Stamos and starting in 2018 I am the Community / Compassion Pastor here at Newtown Mission. I grew up, and spent a lot of time, here in Newtown and at the Mission. I am married to Kim and we have two children Josiah and Elisabeth. We are excited and humbled by God calling us back to the Mission and the community. Our hope, and prayer, is that we all grow in love for Jesus and for each other as we walk together and care for each other.

We have lunches 1–3 pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Also, join us Thursday nights for Thanksgiving Community Dinner following our Chapel service at 6:00 pm. All the Centre’s usual services will also start back up. Everyone is welcome!

The Centre and Cafe provides a safe and supportive space where we can share life together. A space where we can join God in His work and where His loving presence is incredibly evident.

We would love for you to join us. Join us for a meal. Join us for a tea or coffee. Join us for a chat. Just come and check us out.

If you’re really keen and you want to join our wonderful, ever-amazing and great-working team as a volunteer please contact me. Or, if you would just like to hear more or have a chat please contact me.

email: sams@newtownmission.org.au
facebook: /sam.stamos.39

God Bless,

Latest updates – Community Care Centre

Uncle NIck, Sini and Jo hanging in the Jordan Cafe office

Message from Pastor Brian

As we come up to our mid year break in July, I can only say how proud I am of you and your amazing gifts of donations that has consistently kept our doors open in support of your community.  With the struggle that continues to burden  our city, the individuals who are suffering, the families who are impoverished and for those who have fallen by the wayside, the hand that we can offer them can only  ever be managed by your generosity and support.

 At the end of last year, we received news of our corporate groups ceasing their attendance for community service through OzHarvest, which meant that we would more than likely to fall short in practical terms of our budget. But I have always believed that whatever we attempt through God’s inspiration, it will always come to pass.  When I think of the times over the years when the treasurer has come to me saying that we are in need of more financial support, I pray.

So this year, with the concerns around the loss of income to the attendance of corporate groups and their donations, and believing that God is in control, that He will inspire people to give, we are now half way through the year and were $ 1000 behind our estimated budget. But faith is an amazing thing, when put in place, God always honour His Word that he would inspire people to give and today, my office  manager informed me that in the last 2 days, over $ 6000 has been donated through the generosity of those who heard the call. So I wanted to thank you for being inspired to give to such a God-given cause placed on our hearts to care for those are struggling, marginalized and impoverished.

Jesus said that the poor will always be with us and it is our responsibility to care for them. I wanted you to know that your donations are  a part of that big plan.  God has given me such an amazing team who are willing to serve, to give and to love unconditionally this includes you even though you may not have the opportunity to come to be part of the ministry in Newtown, you are very present because you have the same heart.

So with the Mission Statement resonating in our hearts “In the heart of Newtown, with Newtown at heart”

We wake each morning to fulfill the vision of embracing others, ensuring hope, and engaging on the journey with them.

 “It is not right for someone to walk alone
but to have a someone who cares
who will stand in the gap for them.
To fight the good fight for what is right.
 And so we stand together,
hand in hand, we make a stand
For the Lord is with us
 who can stand against us
For those who struggling,
For those who cry
We lift our eyes , we stand and fight.

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Important Update – Your donations to the Community Care Centre

Dear Donors and Supporters

We thank you for your generosity and support towards the work of the Community Care Centre at Newtown Mission.

This is an important notice to inform you that your gifts towards the Community Care Centre will not be tax-deductible after 30 June 2017. We will not be able to provide you with a receipt for tax-deductible purpose for all donations received after 30 June 2017.

Why this change? It was a decision of the Newtown Mission Church Council to not continue with the tax deductible status. The reason is that the new government regulations would have required a separate Board of governance to oversee the tax deductible fund and the work of the Community Care Centre that the fund supports. The church leadership felt that this sort of governance change created the potential for a breaking of the link between the church’s mission and the work of the Centre, so has chosen to forego the tax deductible fund instead of adopting a new governance structure.

The operation and management of all gifts toward the Community Care Centre remains the same, with our stated objectives to provide support for the needy and the poor in the context of God’s love for all people. Your support is still very vital to us to continue. We hope this does not change your giving.

please contact the office on 02 9519 9000 or office@newtownmission.org.au if you have further queries. You can still  continue to donate using the DONATE button (on the left). Thank you


GETTING INVOLVED – The Journey Service & Jordan Café

 The Journey Thanksgiving Service & Jordan Café

From 6pm every Thursday the Chapel is open as we prepare for the Journey church worship time. It’s followed by great community meal in the Jordan Café. You can come along and simply be part of the night.

On the 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month there’s also Healing Prayer after the service.

Read more about the Jordan Cafe and the Community Care Centre here