Volunteering @ The Revelation Ceiling

Do you wish you had more opportunities to share your faith?
Perhaps you find the idea of talking to someone completely daunting! Never fear, Newtown Mission has something for everyone! Here at The Mission we believe that sharing our faith should be a natural part of everyday life. We engage with the community at grassroot level and assist people where they are at – not the other way round… welcoming people into the culture of Newtown Mission!!

Our Revelation Ceiling opening hours are a fantastic opportunity to connect with a broad cross section of the community. Many people pop in to look at the artwork, and end up asking about who we are, what we do, and wanting to find out more about our faith.

To find out more, contact the Office on: 02 9519 9000 OR check out the Volunteer Info & Forms page (under the Community Care Centre tab) for more info!!