The Revelation Ceiling @ Newtown Mission

Kon Parris and Revelations

Newtown Mission parishioner and amateur artist KON PARRIS spent over seven years painting a giant mural based on the last book of the Bible; Revelation!! The artwork spans the entire ceiling of Newtown Mission’s King Street Chapel, a 300 square metre mural which is the largest work of its type in the southern hemisphere.

The Revelation Ceiling, is considered to be the largest ‘religious’ artwork in Australia and was inspired by Kon’s own ‘Revelation’: to create an artwork that would adorn the entire ceiling of our King St Chapel.The ceiling is and is a series of twenty panels, each measuring three by five metres, and was installed on the Church ceiling in 2008.
Kon was born in Kertezi, Greece in 1945. He emigrated to Australia with his family in 1953 and attended St Peters Public School. One of his teachers noticed his artistic ability and encouraged him to develop it. Kon has continued to pursue his art all his adult life. His portrait of journalist, Jonathon Giles was hung in the Archibald’s Salon des Refusees in 2000.

For more information on The revelation Ceiling OR if you would like to view more of Kon’s work, check out his website at: Alternatively contact the Church Office via email on: E: