Together with God

Newtown Mission God-Gatherings are generally informal, and usually involve a powerful time of praise and prayer with singing, open sharing time, and teaching from the Bible. God-Gatherings are usually followed by morning tea/supper.

Sunday in Newtown – 9.30am and 5pm
Each gathering goes for about an hour and a half.
In the morning there is a Crèche & Kids’ program.
On the first Sunday of the month we get together with the Tongan Fellowship at Newtown for a special bi-cultural worship celebration. We share Communion together as part of this combined gathering.

Thursday in Newtown – 6pm
Before the meal in the Hall on Thursday nights there’s a chance to be part of the Thanksgiving God-gathering in the Chapel. It’s a time for the community to get together for music and an inspiring message of hope for life.

Sunday in Tempe – 1pm
The Tongan Fellowship met in the church at Lymerston St Tempe (except for the first Sunday of the month, when the Fellowship are part of the God-Gathering in Newtown).

Saturday (1st week each month) in Annandale – 4pm: The Meeting Place
The Meeting Place is a space for creative worship in a relaxed setting.