We are heading in to our last week before our 2-week mid-year break (last day Friday, 5th July and we reopen Wednesday, 24th July) and things are busy …

Last Friday was one of those days! The Jordan Café was so busy and there was not a free seat in the house! And we had our wonderful friends from St Pius (Enmore) join us. Led by the amazing Carmen, with a team of parents, St Pius have been coming regularly to join us at the Jordan Café. They supply all the food for lunch, they help prepare, they serve lunch and hang out. One parent, Maggie, has even started reading classes for the community! (Thanks Maggie!). Every time St Pius comes, they bring gifts made from the students to give to the community – Homemade choc-chip cookies, with a picture and an encouraging message! (As modelled by Whisper and Roscoe in the below photo 😊 ). The messages the kids write are precious and they mean a lot to the community. ‘God loves you,’ ‘You are special,’ ‘You are loved’ and so on.

Last Friday we also received pictures the students had made of what it means to be a family. We gave some of those pictures out and we also placed them up on the walls around the Jordan Café Hall (check out the photos below). Carmen explained that the students wanted the Jordan Café community to know that they are part of a family, we are part of a family, and we love and care for each other like a family does. Which is actually a very good description of the Jordan Café: A family, God’s family, looking out for each other, caring for each other and loving each other.


Also, a big shout out to the Homeless Persons Legal Services and Corrs Chambers Westgarth who have been running the legal clinic here on Fridays. The team were very busy on Friday and they all do an amazing job! Thank you.


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