We have a wonderful team of people and organisations that join together to help out at the Jordan Cafe. Every person is amazing, as they come along to help out, and hang out. People give up their time to join with us, and they pour out their love and heart into the Community here. It is an absolute privilege and joy to be at the Jordan Café together, to serve God together and to serve the Community together. I also know how much the Community appreciates all that the team do!

Some of the team got up to a bit of mischief yesterday (Saturday) … I came into Church this morning and when I opened up the kitchen and storeroom, I was shocked! I could not believe what I was seeing. The place was sparkling, clean, organised and tidied! It all looked immaculate. (Please see the included photos). Some of the team ‘snuck’ in yesterday and worked hard to clean and fix-up the kitchen and the storeroom. I heard that they worked over six hours and on their day off. Cleaned from top-to-bottom.

We had planned to put it off until we had more time during one the breaks when the Café was closed – as we are so busy during the week and there is never enough time to thoroughly clean and tidy-up. Then I heard that some of the team wanted to come in on a Saturday to do it and I was strongly against it! People work hard enough around here as it is. I even ‘threatened’ to confiscate their keys over the weekend 😊. Well, that didn’t work!

A very big thank you,

All of the team are incredible and I love working with every single one of you. Thank you.



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