It has been a very busy week in the life of our Community here at the Jordan Café. There has been a lot going on for people and some of it very tough. We thank God for this beautiful place, space and His work here at the Jordan Cafe, that even though life is tough we can meet together, walk together and bring it all to God.

With the week being so busy, we give thanks for our incredible leaders, team and volunteers who all just chip in, get on with it and share life with people. The Jordan Café only happens with them. They all work tirelessly, behind-the-scenes, give their time, effort to serve God and the Community. In sometimes very trying and difficult circumstances and with little thanks or acknowledgement To use a cliché, they are the unsung heroes! But I know and see how much the Community love them and I thank God for them. It is an absolute privilege and joy to serve God and the Jordan Café together.

It is hard to name all of them, but I would like to thank: Sini, Steve, Jo, Kay, Elle, Donna, Tanya, Dave, Daniel who work hard to prepare, serve meals and care for the Community. Thank you to Alec, Amy, Kim and Meg and all the work that they put into the wonderful Monday Night Bible Study! And, also all their support and pastoral care they provide. Thanks to Simeon, Gabs, Simone, Graeme, Becky, Tim, Jenny, Amanda, Izzy, Greg, Bee-Hoon, Keira, Steve B, Ben, Johannes and Trev who are there Thursday Nights through Chapel and Dinner, helping out and being there for people. Thanks to Marge and Marion who are there during the week helping out with Bible Studies and Find-Out Fridays and who are super prayer warriors.
Thank you to everyone who helps out and cares for God’s work and Community here at the Jordan Café.

Also, please find attached our Calendar for March!
Thanks again, Sam




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