Please find attached the Jordan Café Calendar for August. A few things to draw your attention to and to give thanks for:

  • We have a memorial service (9th August, 3 pm after Lunch, in the Chapel) to say goodbye, and thank you, to our dear friend Bill (more about this to come).
  • It was great to have our mid-year break and to come back refreashed and ready to go in to the last 6 months of the year. A BIG thank you to the Team and Graeme.
  • We’ve gone from having no hairdressers (when the incredible Wanda ‘retired’) to now having two! We welcome Maria and Giovanna and we thank them for providing haircuts to the Jordan Café Community. Maria and Giovanna are wonderful and so helpful. It is great to have them join us (check the Calendar for the days they are in).
  • Also, a BIG thank you to Maggie! Maggie has been running one-on-one (intensive) reading lessons for people. Those who want to learn to read or just improve their reading. Reading is an essential and crucial skill, which opens up so many opportunities for people and we see that here at the Jordan Café. Maggie gives up her time to come to provide these lessons and she is so gifted. Thank you, Maggie.

Thanks, God Bless,
Jordan Café Team 


 cafe – calendar 2019 august v0.7.pdf


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