For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light. (Psalm 36:9)

The wonderful Gab added the above verse as a bridge to the song Your Love Oh Lord (, which we sang last night at Chapel (Thanks Gab!). As Gab and Simo led us in worship, it was a powerful moment to sing that verse together. Powerful because the message tonight was on Luke 11:33-36 and how Jesus, God’s Light, drives out all darkness. Where Jesus calls us to let in God’s Light, to have more-and-more of God to drive out the darkness in our lives and to fill us with Light (See to it!). Together, we have to fight for more-and-more of God’s Light in our lives: In your light we see light. And we responded as we worshipped together and prayed for each other. Thank you everyone.

We then headed over to the Hall for dinner! As usual, Sini, Juan, Jo and the Team prepared, and served, an amazing meal! There was a great vibe, with people chatting away, catching up and laughing together.

Tonight, we also got to celebrate a very special Birthday! It was Matthew’s (Matty’s) Birthday and as is Jordan Café tradition we had a cake and a card. The Hall was packed and we all sang Happy Birthday and gave three-cheers! All with our loudest voices. Matthew was overwhelmed and he gave the most beautiful speech: He thanked everyone and said that he loved everyone. It was a wonderful moment for a wonderful person.

Matthew is a much-loved and valued part of our Community here. He brings such joy, warmth and encouragement to all of us here and he has been part of the Community for a long time. I must have met Matthew over ten years ago now, he has volunteered and been a part of the Team at various times. Matthew loves his friends and family here at Newtown Mission and it is great to see him kick on in his faith. We give thanks to God for Matthew and we wish him a great Birthday.


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